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Managed Services


The foundation of our managed services is monitoring and alerting.  Using our state of the art software platform, we monitor vital services and systems including:

  • Server/Firewall/Router/Switch up/down status

  • Key server service status

  • Storage space / CPU usage

  • Network bandwidth utilization

  • Hacking attempts




By monitoring key systems, IT costs can be reduced through proactive remediation. Essentially, we are alerted to and resolve problems before they negatively impact your business, thereby reducing unforeseeable costs.

Saving Grace offers 3 tiers of managed services. As part of tier 2 or 3 service, all remote remediation is included in your contract. In addition to remote remediation, tier 3 service includes onsite remediation. By taking advantage of these managed programs, IT costs are billed monthly thereby taking the guesswork out of annual IT budgeting.
















Installation of the latest patches is instrumental in insuring your systems retain the highest level of security and stability. As part of your managed service contract, we implement a weekly afterhours patching schedule to keep all servers and network devices up to date.




Monthly reports are included·with tier 2 and tier 3 service highlighting the following:


  • Hardware and software inventory

  • Changes to computer hardware or software disk utilization

  • License usage and statistics

  • Server uptime history

  • Help desk trouble tickets

  • Computer logs and status

  • Security patch and update status




Saving Grace Technologies acts as your first line of defense with all technical issues. We coordinate efforts with your vendors to address issues related to line of business applications.

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